The Year 13s have just completed their work experience in companies and organisations throughout the UK & Ireland.

From accountancy firms to Ulster rugby, over 130 pupils participated in the week long programme.

Below are a sample of some of their experiences:

 The Ulster Hospital

For my work experience I spent a week on a nursing placement in the Ulster Hospital. During the week I spent my time in four wards, Maxillofacial and Oral, Plastics, Gastroenterolgy and Respiratory. Maxillofocial and plastics both mainly focus around surgery to correct trauma, maxillofacial focuses on head and neck where as plastics is other parts of the body which I found really interesting. As I was on nursing, I got to observe and shadows nurses on the wards which showed me how to fill out a chart and conduct observations. All of the nurses were happy to answer my questions and were able to help me a lot. While on work experience I had an amazing time and am so happy that I got a chance to go on a nursing placement because it helped to confirm my career choice in nursing!    

Fionnuala Farrelly


Miscampbell & Co

For my work experience I work in Miscampbell & Co accountants near the ormeau road. I was welcomed by friendly staff that helped me further my financial knowledge through the week. I carried out bank reconciliations tasks, as well as helping out with a company’s VAT accounts. It was interesting to see how a small business in the financial sector worked when compared with larger firms. However don’t mistake the size of the business for a lower standard of professionalism. I was taught that the client’s needs are paramount and the work must be done right because even the smallest difference can count. I was given a crash course over the week in emerging financial applications used to make processes involved in accountancy a little easier. I discovered that I liked being part of a team when investigating accounts and working towards the one goal. Also that attention to detail Is an important aspect of accountancy due to every transaction at times being scrutinised for misplaced funds. I knew before my placement that I would like to work in the financial sector however this experience has widened my visions of what I could do in the future. It has also helped me to settle into business working hours, with matching professional attire.

Paddy McAllister



I spent a week at Mammoth which is Brand Creation, Design, Digital and Advertising Company. It is located on Great Patrick Street in Belfast. My working hours were 9:30am – 3:00pm.

I chose to spend my weeks work experience at Mammoth as I was interested in PR and Marketing and thought I would be interested this as career. I was office based for the week and spent my time with numerous people in the company.

Mammoth was split into different sections. I therefore worked with Client Services, Digital, Massive PR, Design and Callow Event Management.

I was lucky enough that I got to attend an event on the Monday night in the Maserati and Ferrari Studio on the Boucher Road to experience what organising an event is really like.

For a large amount of my time in Mammoth, I was working with Massive PR and helped them as they were very busy coming up to Christmas. They do work for numerous clients such as Vita Coco and The Dandy Horses.

Everyone in Mammoth was really friendly and helped me settle into life in the company for that week.

Mammoth have a lot of clients and therefor have numerous jobs going on at once, so the company is like one big team as everyone is involved in the finished product whether it be a video, a website or an ad campaign.

Overall, I thought my work experience was interesting and I got a better understanding of the world of PR and Marketing.

Laura Reid


St. Michael’s Primary School

For my work experience I spent a week at St. Michael’s primary school. I was really excited to see how a school works from the teacher’s point of view. I spent the week with a year 4 class helping the teacher and pupils with lessons and tasks around the classroom. For the first few days I printed off hand-outs, photocopied sheets and helped pupils with their work if they were stuck. As the week went on I became more confident in the classroom and found it much easier to work with the class. On the Tuesday St. Michaels held their Christmas carol service, I really liked seeing the nativity and helping the children learn the songs and get on the stage and off. It showed me how difficult it can be to keep 30 people quiet! Mid-way through the week the class teacher asked me to teach a maths lesson about column subtracting. I was a little apprehensive but when I got started I was fine! Teaching a full class was something I didn’t think I would get to dob during work experience and it really gave me an insight into how to talk to a large group of people. I really liked teaching the class, and helping individuals with their work. I have always thought teaching was an area I was interested in, so this made spending a full week in a primary school really worthwhile experience. There wasn’t a quiet moment! I had a really interesting week.

Niamh Healy


Belfast City Hospital

As a Year 13 student, I spent my week of work experience at Belfast City Hospital. I chose to attend there as I wanted to see the different roles of a doctor as well as different aspects of Medicine. Throughout the week I saw a range of different medical procedures over many different departments. I was fortunate enough to observe a renal transplant as well as colorectal surgery and removal of a tumour. One day consisted of ward rounds within respiratory and gastrointestinal medicine. I liked this aspect of my placement as it enabled me to see things from the patient’s point of view. On Thursday I sat in on clinics at the Cancer Centre and also the Dialysis Unit. During the final day of my placement I saw a different side of medicine. This involved going to a Multi-Disciplinary Meeting in which doctors discussed patients with complicated conditions in order to come up with a plan for their treatment. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my week of work experience and it has confirmed that I want to pursue a medical related career.

Niamh Bradley


The Careers department in Aquinas would like to thank whole heartedly all the employers who continue to provide this extremely valuable and important aspect of our pupils’ education.