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On the 10th April, thirty pupils from two of our bookclubs attended a fun-filled N.I Book Awards Finale, to hear which book was to be pronounced the overall winner from the eight short-listed titles. The event was held in the Lyric Theatre and was attended by the participating bookclubs from schools throughout Northern Ireland. The organisers, Ann (Librarian at Bangor Grammar) and Kathy (Librarian at Inst) had a great day in store for us. First came a book quiz involving volunteers from the audience. Next we were treated to a very lively talk by Christopher William Hill, author of Osbert the Avenger, one of the nominated books. Finally, after a few technological hitches, the entries for the book trailer competition were shown and voted on. Much to our delight the Aquinas entry was voted the winner by the discerning audience.

The morning finished with the long awaited announcement of the WINNING TITLE FOR 2014……….RUSSIAN ROULETTE BY ANTHONY HOROWITZ. Our guest author , CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM HILL was RUNNER-UP with OSBERT THE AVENGER. Congratulations and well done to both of them .

What some of the pupils said : –

Owen : It was really good because they had lots of children up on stage and got them all involved

Rory : I thought it was very good and the only thing that could have improved it was if it lasted even longer

Cormac : I thought the author of Osbert the Avenger was very eccentric and fun

Ciara : I really enjoyed the quiz and was surprised that I knew some of the answers. Overall it was a great day

Tom : It was probably the best thing I have ever been to