On Thursday 20th March our class,10J, got the opportunity to go to Cregagh Library with Mrs Cullen, Ms Begley and Ms Lynn. Malorie Blackman gave a talk there about being an author and about her books. Her presentation was very interesting and she was very down-to-earth and imaginative. It was all the more enjoyable because we were already familiar with some of her books and we understood what she was explaining because we had read “Noughts and Crosses” in English class. We liked the powerpoint and the videos she showed us which included a book trailer of her latest book “Noble Conflict”, an excerpt from the film of “Pig Heart Boy” and different book covers of some of her books which have been published in different languages in different countries. The trip was also good because it wasn’t too far away. Malorie Blackman gave us an insight into what it’s like to be an author and her talk made us want to read more , especially her books. All in all the trip was really enjoyable. Thank you Mrs Cullen for organising it.

Ana Rosa MacDonald,  Niamh Mc Cann,  Conor Martin and Olivia Mc Cambridge