The year 9 English classes raised the roof off Aquinas yet again with their productions of the bard on Friday 13 December.

 The school hall was transformed into our very own Globe Theatre for the day with the year 8 pupils in the key role of receptive audience! This year’s adjudicator was no stranger to the stage; Mrs Mary Carswell, Speech and Drama Teacher and parent of past pupils Catherine, Claire and Thomas.

After an intensive morning of costume- fitting, make-up applying, prop- wielding preparations.. the actors were ready to tread the boards. Mr Kelly opened the nineteenth Shakespeare Festival after break time and the show was underway.9J set the standard with a macabre and classical version of ‘Macbeth.’ 9L pulled on the heartstrings of the audience while maintaining laughs with their chat-show version of ‘Rome and Juliet.’

Beautiful interludes were provided throughout the day by A2 student, Caoimhe Wills, with her dramatic monologues from leading Shakespearean ladies: Ophelia, Rosalind and Gonerill.

 The afternoon performances commenced with a colourful, raucous ‘Twelfth Night’ staged by 9M; the final performance took the audience to Brighton for a Mods v Rockers ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

The adjudicator was free-flowing with praise for the standard of ensemble acting and congratulated the Year 9 actors for truly bringing the house down; well done Year 9!