Congratulations to Rory Maguire (Geography Prefect) from Year Fourteen who won the Junior event at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championship in Lady Dixon Park last Sunday.

Cycling is a passion in the Maguire household and both the school and Rory’s family are naturally very proud of his achievement. Congratulations. The website, gives the following description of the race:

In both the Junior and Veteran events there were thrills and spills to entertain the large crowds who came along to watch. With the course already mucky from earlier support events the first of the championship events saw riders taking a few dives at ‘carnage corner’ and also up near the start/finish line in the technical section through the trees. Exposed roots were made even slippier as they became covered in mud and bike handling skills were severely tested
The Junior event saw close racing between [a cyclist from] Caldwell Cycles , [another from] Banbridge CC and newcomer Rory Maguire of Phoenix CC. In the end Maguire proved his strength and rode clear to take a very popular win … which gave Ulster a full complement of medals in this event.”