This year’s Award was launched at a special event at Victoria  College Belfast on Friday 22nd November 2013.

The event featured very special guest – Niall de Burca, one of Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers, who has told stories and held workshops here in Ireland and in countries all over the world eg Poland, Argentina, Italy and The Netherlands.

Niall  told us a very funny and entertaining tale which demonstrated his natural talent for storytelling and had us all “sitting on the end of our seats” to hear how it would end !

After a few lively games of hangman style “Guess the Book Title” (with Grace guessing correctly and winning a prize) the 8 nominated books for the awards were revealed and a brief flavour of each given by Ann and Kathy, founders and organisers of the annual award.

Seven members of our Year 8 bookclub attended and had a very enjoyable afternoon. All of us came away eager to read all the nominated titles and to join in all the upcoming activities and events.

What the pupils said:

“I haven’t laughed so much in ages– the storyteller, Niall de Burca, was brilliant “ Hannah Carroll

“Niall was really funny! In the middle of his story, he suddenly stamped his feet and made us all jump!”  Jack Bowes

“I thought the Book Awards were very interesting. Niall de Burca was very good and the nominated books were really good choices”  Lucy Rafferty

“Niall was very funny and his story was incredible. “Osbert the Avenger” (one of the nominated books) is really good.”   Niamh Mc Grotty

Fantastic !   Eamonn Swail