Shakespeare 2013

Download: Programme of events





9.30 to 10.30:              Classes change in S01, S02, S03 and S04 (signs will be posted on the doors)

10.30 to 10.50:            Classes have Break (in their rooms)

10.50:                          Classes go to Hall

11.00:                          Welcome and introduction of Adjudicator, Mary Jane Carswell.

11.15:                          9J perform: Macabre Macbeth

11.40:                          9L perform: Romeo & Juliet – ‘Prince Jeremy presents Vendetta in Verona’

Interlude: Caoimhe Wills Monologue

12.20:                          Lunch (9J and 9L get changed back into uniform)

1.25:                            9M perform: Twelfth Night

Interlude: Caoimhe Wills Monologue

2.05:                            9P perform: Romeo & Juliet – ‘Brighton Brawl’

2.30:                            Adjudicator retires for twenty-five minutes

9M and 9P get changed back into uniform

Interlude: Caoimhe Wills Monologue

2.55:                            Prizes and Adjudicator’s Commentary

  • Best Actor in each class
  • Highly commended Actor in each class
  • Best Programme
  • Best Costume
  • Best use of music
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Original Interpretation




9P Romeo and Juliet – ‘Brighton Brawl’


Romeo                       Eoin Mitchell

Juliet                          Bria Deighan Glackin

Benvolio                    Ciara Cormican

Mercutio                   Pearse O Neill

Tybalt                        Abigail Murphy Donnelly

Prince                        Phillip stewart

Officer                       Niamh MacDermott

Lord capulet            Conor Morgan

Lady capulet            Rokxy Krogulec

Servant                     Niamh McGrath

Paris                           Conor Mulholland

Sampson                  Miles Colgan

Gregory                    Luke Quinn

Abraham                  Jack McKeever

Friar Lawrence        Sarah Corscadden




Sean lagan

Grace timoney

Owen McMahon

Paddy Fox

Christopher McGowan

Lucas Mallon

Paddy O’Neill



Gairaid Hegney

Conor Watt

Dylan Kerrigan

Eoin McKernan

Liam Hayes


Assistant to the Director   Diego Rogers Camarena




9L-  Prince Jeremy presents Vendetta in Verona


Cast List


Romeo                                   Connor O’Brien

Juliet                                      Ella Lyttle

Prince                                                Killian Spence

Lord Montague                   Conn Nagle

Lady Montague                  Rachel Girvan

Lord Capulet                        Nicole McMurrough

Lady Capulet                        Orla Harney

Nurse                                     Natalie Wilson

Tybalt                                                Evin Maguire

Benvelio                                Sean McConville

Mercutio                               Ruairi Gallagher

Paris                                       Matthew Lyttle

Sampson                              Louis Jackson

Gregory                                Daniel Mullan

Abraham                              Mollie O’Hare

Balthasar                              Catherine Marley

First Citizen’s                       Luke Morrison, Nathan McNally

Mercutio’s Page                 Travis Brown

Paris’s page/Compare      Matthew Rainbird

Serving Man-                       Arwin Quiachon

Nightwatch man                 Ruairi Gallagher

Bouncers                              Lochlainn Quinn, Dara Curran

Audience                              Shruiti Muthu,

Samantha Guimaraes,

Medbh Flanagan,

Rebecca Monaghan,

Arwin Quiachon

Spirit                                      Medbh Flanagan, Samantha Guimaraes,

Rebecca Monaghan, Anna Mooney

Gravestone                          Arwin Quiachon

Shruiti Muthu


Choreography                     Anna Mooney and Ella Lyttle

Music                                     Medbh Flanagan

Costume                               Rebecca Monaghan,Mollie O’Hare




9M’s Twelfth Night


Count Orsino                       Cormac McCumiskey

Antonio                                 Leo Waterfield

Maria                                     Leona Kiernan

Olivia                                     Karen Salmon

Sebastian                              Patrick McVeigh

Malvolio                                Patrick Cox

Viola                                       Gianna Morrelli

Old Sea Captain                  Rory Lynch

Clowns                                  Jack Rolston, Lewis Doherty, Orla Connolly

Sir Andrew                           JP O’Brien



Ladies in Waiting:

  • Rebecca Cullen
  • Rosie Hughes
  • Aoife Henderson
  • Niamh Lindsay



  • James O’Rourke
  • Jan Turkiewicz
  • Eoghan Guthrie
  • Christian O’Nella-O’Neill
  • Rian Quinn
  • Shea McCabe-Devine
  • Jordan Heaney
  • Fionntan Smith
  • Eoghan Taggart


Priest                                     Cara O’Neill

Altar Boys                             James O’Rourke, Rian Quinn

Sir Toby                                 Joe Murphy

Clown Chorus:

  • Rebecca Cullen
  • Jordan Heaney
  • Shea McCabe-Devine
  • Fionntan Smith

Costumes & Makeup        Hannah Loughran


9J – Macabre Macbeth

Narrator                               Matthew Barry

First Witch                           Anthony Hanrahan

Second Witch                      Grace Cunningham

Third Witch                          James McEvoy

Macbeth                               William Bowen

Lady Macbeth                     Beth Dunbar

Macduff                                Hannah Blair

Banquo                                 Josephine O’Kane

Duncan                                 Eoin O’Gorman

Angus                                                Aiden Hutchins

Ross                                       Ross Gorgon

First Murder                                    Aine McMahon

Second Murder                  Niall McGivern

Third Murder                      Aoife McCann

Lords                                     Megan Magennis, Rachel Kearney,

Tiarnan Quinn, Ella Mullan, Jaime Curran,

Kevin Magennis, Eythan Smith

Lennox                                  Ella Knowles

Doctor                                   Niamh Wilson

Gentlewoman                     Amber Clysedale

Seyton                                   Niall McFarland

Messenger                           Clare McSorley

First Apparition                  Mia Carnie

Second Apparition             Aoife Cahill

Third Apparition                 Conor McErlean