Traditionally, National Poetry Day is celebrated in communities across the UK  on the first Thursday in October.

 It is a great way to express oneself in ways that prose cannot deliver through :  rhythm, dance, image & animation, music, rap, performance.

 This year’s theme is Water. Click here to sample a short animation to whet your appetite, and why not read a sample of the great poems from students and staff written to celebrate the theme.




 Dripping from the clouds,

Seeping through the earth;

 Blessing the dead,

And sanctifying birth;

 An element of contradiction:

A flooding source of fact and fiction,

Mixed from periodic table,

In the midst of Jonah’s fable;

 The majesty of ebb and flow:

 All dread and love thee, H20 !

  Joanne Connolly.



Water in Teacup,

Polymerising leaves,

the autumnal hue.

 Josh Moore Year 14


Oceans, lakes, seas, rivers, puddles,

glasses, bottles, cups, cans

Showers, sinks, taps.


Not in the third world countries,

we take water for granted;

We shouldn’t.