The Opening Night of Les Misérables took place last night, Wednesday, 16, October and received no less than TWO standing ovations at the end of the Performance. The cast of students did themselves proud and Mr Kelly acknowledged as much in his closing speech saying, “The song goes, ‘Can You Hear the People Sing?’, well I think we all heard Aquinas singing loudly and clearly tonight.” There was no doubting the acting and musical talent on show and, as parents, friends and family filed out of the Hall, they were in raptures over the musical they had just seen.

As one watches the show, it becomes clear that the whole school has pulled together to make “Les Mis” such a success, from stage management, lighting, sound, makeup, costumes, ballot, programmes, and last but not least the acting and musical direction. Putting on a show of this size is not to be taken lightly because, at times during the Performance, there were over one hundred and twenty students on stage but Ms McHugh (Director) and Ms Gould (Musical Director) are the first to acknowledge both the talent in the students and the pupils’ hard work.

Thank you to Classroom Assistant, Ms Liz Wade for taking the photographs shown above. Thank you also to parent, Mr John Cullen (aka Johnny Hero) who attended the Dress Rehearsal last Sunday and put together the photos and audio accessible from the links listed below. The audio was broadcast on U105 on Monday afternoon.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

It was truly one of the most memorable nights in the history of Aquinas and we’ve still two more big nights to go!

Well done to one and all!