Who would have guessed it? After a pessimistic weather forecast, Mr Savage’s shades came into use after all, as temperatures reached 18 degrees during the afternoon final.

8P managed to win their year’s tournament with a clean sweep. Owen Mc Mahon was the star pitcher, whilst Patrick Fox had a sharp eye for catching the ball. As a class they gathered numerous home runs from the likes of; Pierce O’Neil, Niamh McGrath, Eimear Cleary and Ryan Rea, to name a few. Gairiad Heagney was a ruthless player putting a total of four opponents out! Controversially, 8P argue that ‘Mr Burns was bias…’ and so their win against 8L gave them the most pleasure.

Meanwhile on the grass pitch, 9J took the lead in their year group with damaging catches from Abhishek, Matthew and Leo McGowan. According to Connor McCluskey (who also caught a ball in the final), Connor Martin ‘smashed it’ every time he had the bat in his hand. Dangerous Ben was quick to put people out before they reached his area and Eunen bounced off bases (literally)!  Mr Andrew speculates that cheating was involved in their overall win, but these allegations were unfounded…

Ultimately 10S stole the show, as they not only won their year tournament but the overall final. Most of the class tallied 2-3 home runs as they demonstrated an all round talent and outstanding team effort. Lorcan Fahy was their star pitcher and even Donhnall Lacey had his part to play, motivating his team mates through his speech and supporting presence. He said this of the game, ‘I tried my best to motivate my team with encouraging words as the game was intense, but 10S were by far the deserving winners’.

Mr McAulfield was overheard citing; ‘St Joseph, pray for us’ and it seems his prayers were answered as the day was a great success. Today donned an easy going atmosphere with a fast pace game, connected with competitive attitudes and all round good fun!