Aquinas took part in the annual Debating Science Issues competition held in W5 for the first time.  Aquinas fielded two teams consisting of Anna Browne (captain) with Dominic Harkin and  Blaine Lambon (captain) with Sara Raju.

Debate– Stem Cell Research

St. Catherine’s Vocational School (Prop) vs Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School (Opposition)

Anna and Dominic opposed the Motion:  This house proposes that the potential benefits of using embryonic stem cells to develop new medical treatments mean we have a moral obligation to support this type of research.

This was a heated debate with great performances from both our speakers in the opening speeches and whilst handling questions from the judges. Anna delivered a very passionate closing speech addressing all of the proposition’s arguments and driving our points home in style. Anna was able to call on lots of facts and statistics which had been provided by a super team of  researchers. The Judges sided with Aquinas and opposed the motion.

Debate  – Nanotechnology

Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College (Proposition) vs Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School (Opposition)

Blaine and Sara opposed the Motion: Nanotechnology has significantly contributed to our well-being and environmental sustainability.

This was a very close debate with both teams confident after their earlier wins in the competition. After two terrific opening speeches by both teams there was very little between the sides. Knock went first during the questioning round, and whilst only required to answer one question, answered all three difficult questions set by the panel. This forced Blaine and Sara into answering all of their questions to stay on par with the proposition.  It was ‘neck and neck’ going into the closing speeches. Unfortunately the judges supported the motion and we lost by 2 points.

The whole experience was a lot of work  but also a great deal of fun.