fab crabOn Thursday 16th of November Aquinas had the honour of meeting the famous cartoonist Kev F. Sutherland. Kev has worked on many comics such as the Beano, Marvel Comics  and Doctor Who Adventures. He grew up copying superheroes from Comics like Marvel’s Spiderman, Thor’s Hammer and the Hulk amongst many others. This made his visit a real privilege for us all. Kev showed us how to draw such characters as Bart Simpson, Spiderman and The Hulk. The Hulk for instance, was done by drawing many circles then just adding detail. Next, he asked us to draw anything we desired, from a Mexican lemon, to a young boy with a shotgun, to a crazy assassin Red Riding Hood. He also gave us comics to copy from, as well as an action man doll and a horse toy. He invited someone up from the audience who said he couldn’t draw at all and Kev showed him how to draw a boy with letters from the alphabet! After we all drew our “unique” characters we then began to draw out the boxes that would contain our comic stories. Kev showed us many ways to present our comics. He created an example featuring Keith Lemon and a worm. We all began to draw our pictures for our comics while Kev called each one of us up to get our faces drawn in caricature. Each one of them had a certain exaggeration. Some had giant eyes or even a giant smile! He collected all of our drawings and then took them to the printer to create our comic which we had previously all agreed would be  named “Fabulous Crabulous”. ( See  our comic strips below). To finish off the session we were all given a copy of the full comic and it looked AMAZING! The whole experience was fantastic and I’m sure we all would do it again with no hesitation! Thank you very much to Kev for taking the time and effort to come to our school, and thank you to our librarian, Mrs Cullen, who organised the masterclass and made this happen. by Aodhfionn Mc Cambridge-Geraghty 9T, Tom Mc Alinden,9T  and Rachel Mc Evoy 9T