It is not every day a Shakespearean classic comes to Belfast. When it is the very play our year 12 students are reading for English Literature, we seize the opportunity to see it!
The English Department and the five GCSE literature classes went to the luxurious Lyric recently to see Lynne Barber’s innovative production of ‘Macbeth’. The production is aptly described on The Lyric theatre website:
‘Macbeth is easily the most popular of Shakespeare’s tragedies and its themes of adherence to superstition and distorted ambition resonate all too well with the Northern Irish psyche. This darkly comic production will harness the wit and muscularity of the Ulster idiom with Shakespeare’s supernatural thriller.’
Here is what the year 12 students had to say about the performance:
‘The set was amazing and the production gave an interesting take on a classic!’ Ryan Foy

‘It was a generally accurate portrayal!’ Sarah Mellotte

‘Shakespeare really got me this time!’ Aaron Magill

Live theatre is truly an opportunity to experience a play in a three-dimensional way, and of course the way Shakespeare intended.