The Bar National Mock Trial is a competition by the Citizenship Foundation where teenagers take up the roles in specifically designed mock court cases, which they then present against teams from other schools in real courtrooms, in front of real judges. This competition has run annually since 1991 and now involves over two thousand students.

Our Team 

Vim Speed is a fresh young Numoran track cyclist all set for the Olympics. But when he finds himself accused of performance enhancing drug possession, his life starts to crumble around him. Would he risk his entire future for a chance at an easy win?

Ash Morgan is a five times gold medal winner, track cycling champion- that is, until Vim sped ahead of her, stealing her title. Despite all of her involvement with anti-drug organisations, suspicions start to rise with Vim’s arrest. Would she go against everything she believes in to get her title back?

Gerri Mojave is Vim’s best friend, and is convinced that he would never touch the substance. But is a need to protect her friend clouding her judgment, and honesty?

Marley Ogilvie was the security officer on duty, and the one who found the drugs in Vim’s possession. She seems certain that she knows exactly what happened, but is this 66 year old guard still at the top of her game?


Mo Brennan enjoys long runs in the rain, spying through the windows of stranger’s cars, and spending time concealing himself behind wheelie bins. But is that the only thing purposely concealed? Or is there more to this case than meets the eye?

Police Sergeant Whittaker has been alive for fifty-six years, and on the force for half of that. He prides himself on a well-trained team that can handle anything thrown at them. But on a dark, raining night in the middle of the motorway, will everything run as smoothly as he’d like to think?

Ashley Rollins is a young whippersnapper of a personal trainer with his entire life ahead of him, trying his hand at sportswear modeling. But when a night out with his boss, Reagan “Knuckles” Molloy results in Ashley’s arrest for firearm possession, is Molloy really the upstanding business man he claimed to be?

Dale Rollins. Loving mother, accomplished hunter of rabbits and pheasants, convicted criminal. Is it the truth, or simply maternal protection that makes her so adamant about her son’s innocence?

Eamonn Rea, a plucky young barrister on his first case with a thirst for justice and a hunger for righteousness. He’s trained hard, but will that be enough to prove innocence?

Rose Lynch, with truth in her heart and conviction through her veins, can she provide reasonable doubt in the prosecution, and let innocent men walk free?

Ellen Maguire knows guilt when she sees it, and is not prepared to let a criminal slip away from her. Can she prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that her prosecution is air tight?

James Durkan is a truthful, law-abiding citizen, with no patience for those who aren’t. Convinced the defence case is a sham, he will not rest until everyone agrees.

Our regional heat takes place on Saturday the 24th of November.