The junior school calendar reached midterm-finale with the annual Shakespeare Festival, Friday,  October  26.

The year eight pupils filled the front rows of the hall to  be inspired by the dazzling array of theatrical, visual and musical talent on stage.

While the key focus of the festival was the ensemble performances from the four year 9 classes – the day was enriched by a variety of musical interludes from all year groups.

The English and Drama Departments were delighted to welcome Mr  Paul Devlin back to Aquinas as our esteemed adjudicator of the festival. Father Grant opened the festival and 9F launched the first performance  with an unusual twist on Jacques’ monologue from ‘As You Like It.’ 9J followed suit with a remarkable interpretation of ‘As You Like It.’

The afternoon performances kept the audience highly entertained as 9N commanded the stage with ‘Romeo and Juliet’, followed by a raucous crowd pleaser from 9T in ‘ A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

A huge thanks to all who helped in the smooth running of the day and who added to this annual and very special Aquinas event!