This year’s program of extra-curricular activities will begin in earnest from monday the 17th of september.

  • Monday lunchtime: Junior Choir ( open to all students in years 8-10 – venue N03)
  • Monday 3.30-4.30pm: O

    rchestra (open to all students in years 8-14 who are grade 3 and above in their chosen instrument – venue Assembly Hall)

  • Tuesday 9.00am: Chamber Choir (membership by audition only – venue N02)
  • Tuesday lunchtime: Senior Choir (open to all students in years 11-14 – venue N02)
  • Wednesday 9.00am: Jazz Band (open to all students who play flute, clarinet, saxophone and brass – venue N02)
  • Wednesday lunchtime: Senior String Ensemble (membership by invitation only – venue N02)
  • Thursday 9.00am: Traditional Group (open to all traditional musicians – venue N03)
  • Thursday 3.30-4.30pm: Accelerated Grade Five Theory class (interested students must contact Ms Gould)
  • Friday 9.00am: Folk Group (open to all students in years 8-14 – venue N02).