This programme aimed to increase awareness of the varied roles undertaken by Pharmacists in the community, particularly with respect to the Pharmacist’s health promotion activities.

The scheme also promotes the idea of the Pharmacist as the ‘Scientist on the High Street’ and the ‘Expert on Medicines’, with a view to encouraging the community to seek the advice of their local Pharmacist on adopting a healthy lifestyle and on all medicines-related issues.

Children who participated in this scheme had the opportunity to prepare three ‘medicines’ in response to ‘prescriptions’ for fictional patients. They learned  how Pharmacists use their medical and scientific knowledge to make medicines for patients and advise them on their safe and effective use. Having prepared their medicines, the children labelled them and ‘dispensed’ them to their teachers. In so-doing they had the chance to be ‘Pharmacists for a day’.

The event was a tremendous success and the pupils had a superb experience.