This year Aquinas Grammar School’s Trócaire Campaign took a ‘Harry Potter’ theme, and saw the school divided up into four houses. They battled it out over 6 weeks to see which house could raise the most amount of money, and win the House Cup. To raise the money they took part in a wide variety of wizarding events, including talent shows, bun sales, quizzes and Easter raffles. Pupils even took to the street on St Patrick’s Day,  selling themed badges to excited passers by.

The school are linked with a region inNorthern Ugandacalled Bar Kawach and Daniel the boy who featured on this year’s Trocaire box lives there. A highlight of the campaign saw the school unite and do a sponsored spin to cycle 4,800 miles, the approximate distance to from Aquinas Bar Kawach, Participants were sponsored by friends and family to cycle for 45 minutes and the event ran from 8am to 5 in the afternoon.

The money raised by Aquinas pupils will  set up a link with a community inUganda, and the money raised will help them secure a safe and stable future. A representative fromUganda, Flora Aling, spent the afternoon in the school meeting the fundraising prefects and speaking to all pupils in the junior school. She inspired pupils, and teacher alike, to step up and challenge them to raise more money than ever before. Everyone was so proud when the grand total of £18,454 was announced. Aquinas have also been able to double the money under the  UKgovernment agreement  to match the total £ for £, under their overseas development programme of aid.

Overall, everyone enjoyed this years Trocaire campaign and the hufflepuff house were deemed the overall winners