23 February 2012

Dear Parent(s)

The Board of Governors of Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School is glad that the Post Primary Review Report Catholic Education for All has at last been published. Governors recognise that the Report is the result of a long process which seeks to develop Catholic Education provision that is fit for the 21st century.

As outlined in our admissions criteria, the Board of Governors’ stated wish is to move to a regulated transfer procedure which does not depend on testing. However, the Governors recognise that this move can only happen in tandem with other Catholic Grammar schools and with sensitivity as to how what one school does will affect others.

Governors wish to reiterate that Aquinas’ commitment to academic excellence will continue for the long term and that our status as a Grammar school will not change. Until the issue of transfer is resolved, Aquinas will continue to select pupils on the basis of an academic test and will continue to use GL Assessment.

We already work in collaboration with St. Joseph’s College and wish to emphasise that there are no plans for the two schools to amalgamate. Furthermore, the Board of Governors notes that the Review recommendations specifically do not suggest any such amalgamation. Indeed we recognise the wish of St Joseph’s to retain its identity and strengths.

Our current collaboration with St. Joseph’s and Wellington College at post-16 level will continue in the future for the benefit of all pupils and the individual schools. Indeed, Aquinas is always looking for opportunities to expand and develop courses that meet the needs and aspirations of our students and those with whom we collaborate.

The Governors of Aquinas will ensure that the school continues to make its distinctive and valued contribution to global education provision in our large catchment area.

Yours sincerely,





Mr Barry Kelly

Secretary to the Board of Governors


Principal: Mr Barry Kelly

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