Year 10 revision list


January exams 2012


The paper is divided into three sections. At the start of the paper you will be given clear instructions explaining how much time to spend on each section – follow these carefully.



Section A

  1. Revise the “new words” in the ‘yellow boxes’ in the textbook chapters 1-5. This will form a short answer section of matching words to definitions.
  2. Chapter 1of textbook: There will be a few short questions on this in Section A of the paper.
    1. How were slaves captured?
    2. What happened at the auction block?

Hint: Do the quick quiz at the bottom of this webpage!


Section B

  1. Chapter 2:
    1. Why was cotton so important in the development of American slavery?
  2. Chapter 3:
    1. Why was there a Civil War in theUSA? – differences between North & their views on slavery (textbook pages 16&17).
    2. Were blacks really free in theUSAafter the war? (pages 20&21)

Section C

  1. Chapter 5:
    1. How did black Americans challenge segregation?
    2. How far did these challenges succeed?





Good luck!