Congratulations to Amaia Moore who came 2nd in the UK in the Ruta Quetzal 2012.

At the suggestion of His Majesty the King of Spain, Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo in 1979 created the program with the aim of forging bonds between young people aged 16 and 17 in all Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Brazil and Portugal.Ruta Quetzal BBVA is an “initiatory,” “enlightened” and “scientific” program in which culture and adventure come together.  Thanks to this program, in the past 22 years nearly 8,000 young people from Europe, the Americas and countries such as Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines and China have had the opportunity to discover the human, geographic and historical dimensions of other cultures.  Cultures such as those of the Mediterranean or pre-Colombian civilizations, very distant from each other in geographic terms and in their approach to life, but which, at the same time, are merged in a fruitful mix which even today decisively shapes our world.

But the Ruta Quetzal BBVA is above all a formative experience in which participants, in addition to gaining knowledge, develop a spirit of international cooperation, with the aim of creating a new and more genuine set of values going beyond wealth and poverty.

After a rigorous selection process, expedition members are chosen from the best students in each country.   Amaia went to the Spanish Embassy in London where she completed a variety of challenging tasks to test her linguistically, academically, and also in terms of her communication skills.  Her prize is a trip for two to Castilla y León in Spain.