Wednesday 26th October, 2011 saw Botanic Gardens come to life with all manner, shapes and sizes of mythical woodland creatures of the Aquinas kind.  On the opening night of the Enchanted Garden thirty members of the Theatre Company were employed by the Belfast Festival at Queens to become part of the magic; turning Botanic Gardens into a fairytale spectacular.  As the crowds made their way through the gates in anticipation they were not disappointed when they glanced into the trees only to catch a glimpse of a twinkle of fairy dust, or hear the jingle of bells as timid pixies, elves and nymphs darted about amongst the trees, stopping only to give out wishes to some very lucky children in the crowd.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our young people and they impressed everyone involved in the production and were fantastic in entertaining the crowds who had come to see them.  They have the honour of performing on both the opening and the closing night of the EnchantedGarden, so if you want to try and catch a glimpse of our magical creatures for yourself make your way to Botanic Gardens on Saturday 29th October, 2011 at 7pm and you will not be disappointed.



Ms McDade & Mr. Anderson