work from the novel ‘Private Peaceful’

              I have a friend in…

I have a friend in my dad. He is very funny and motivating and understands my interests. He helps me work towards my hopes and dreams by giving me advice and helps me achieve them. He also knows when to leave me alone.

He is very funny and can be quite embarrassing at camping and weddings, especially when he gets up to dance.

He works as a bar manager and I’m sure he’s very organised in work but however he’s the complete opposite at home. Overall, I love my dad because he’s My Dad.


 Bradley Mallon – Year 10


Charlie’s Sonnet

The soldiers leading him  out to the field

He’s not stumbling, he’s not struggling

But Charlie , he will not have his lips sealed

Orangesand Lemons, he’ll be singing

And he’s not crying, his head held high

They’re tying him up, to the wooden post

But no, this cannot be our last goodbye

He’s smiling, he always smiled the most

And  poor firing squad stands there at ease

Standing, six men, six guns, ready to aim

A good brother’s life, they’re about to seize

Life in the army is never a game

Please remember me Charlie when you go

Your child, Molly, Mother, Me and Big Joe.


 Cara Mc Canny – Year 10