The June exam will consist of one writing task where you will be given the topic/theme and develop into a narrative (personal writing): you should then include the following:
 Great title
 Interesting BUT believable storyline (plot)
 Structure your paragraphs, (remember> beginning, middle, and end)
 Present characters and places in descriptive detail (adjectives, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, personification)
 Use short, medium and long sentences for variety use full range of punctuation
 Read the instructions on the paper and see how the marks are gained..

It is also worth revising the ‘Writing Checklist’ from your homework diary.

The paper is worth 60%
The remaining 40% will come from Reading, Writing and Talking & Listening assessments you have done from January, and which have been marked by your English teacher.

Best of luck Year 9.