Year 8 Exam Preparation

The June exam will consist of a reading comprehension and number of questions which will require students to:
• Select appropriate material/evidence from a text;
• Identify and comment on specific features of language.

Students should pay close attention to:
• The number of marks available for each question;
• Spending an appropriate amount of time on each question;
• Explaining answers fully, providing evidence and comments/analysis where required.

Word Bank

Key Terms that you should be able to identify and comment on by this stage of Year 8

Vocabulary Simile Metaphor Adverb
Tense (e.g. past / present) Tone Dialogue Adjective
Setting Character / characterisation techniques (e.g. actions/words/appearance/
relationships with others) Appealing to the senses by describing sounds, sights, smells, textures etc Onomatopoeia

Analytical skill in comprehension

It’s simple! By following the pattern ‘PEE’, you can show your teacher that you understand the effect of language used.
P – Point
E – Evidence (e.g. quotation)
E – Explain Effect

For example, if you are asked the question ‘How does the writer use description to show that the character is scared?’ a possible response may be:

Point It is apparent that the character is scared because the writer describes how he reacts to his surroundings. For example, he writes that he
Evidence “shook like a leaf.”
Explain effect This simile gives the reader a clear impression that the character is scared because he appears to be shaking and weak.