Year 8 Revision List


Summer 2011

Norman Conquest 

You will need an understanding of each of the following:

  • Domesday Book
  • Motte and Bailey
  • Stone Castles
  • Feudal System

For the source based questions try to follow the rules provided below.

  • Ensure all sources are read carefully.
  • Understand the difference between Primary and Secondary sources
  • Always look to see who wrote the source and when it was written. Can this affect how reliable the source is?
  • Remember all sources are useful. When explaining why a source is useful, always use short quotes from the source to support your answer.


Normans in Ireland

  • Read each source carefully.
  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Know who Dermot MacMurrough was and think of how he might be remembered in Ireland.
  • Think of reasons why two sources may give different opinions of Dermot.
  • Remember to use short quotes from the sources to support your answer.