Dear Parent / Guardian

                                     Study Leave for Yr 11 External Exams

With GCSE module exams taking place between 19 May and 15 June 2011 your son / daughter faces a busy few weeks ahead.  With this in mind the students are going to be allowed to have some time off on study leave before each exam.  It is hoped that this will help minimise the stress that external exams can cause and also maximise performance in these important exams.  

I have enclosed a timetable with all of the GCSE module exams and the dates and times for study leave.  It is essential that the students read the enclosed timetable carefully to ensure that they do not miss any exams.  Students must be in school at least half an hour prior to each session. 

Before Easter all students were given a personalised timetable for their exams, if they have lost this a duplicate can be requested from their tutor.  Their Tutor will also remind them of the dates and time of each exam over the next few weeks. 

If you have any concerns about your son / daughter with regard to the upcoming exams please do not hesitate to contact the Tutor or Head of Year.  I wish to take this opportunity to wish your son/daughter all the best and hope all the hard work they have undertaken over the year is reflected in their results.