Year 10 Summer Exams


Revision Information

Section A: African Peoples of America: overview.

–         Do not leave any blanks.

–         Read the questions carefully


 Spend no more than 10-15mins on this section.

           Specific revision:

–         Revise the origins and motives of slavery (p2 textbook)

–         Revise the triangular slave trade and what sorts of things did Europeans trade for slaves (pp4&5 text)

–         Revise what slaves produced (p5 text)

–         What happened on the ‘voyage to America’? (pp6-7)

–         The relationships of slaves to their masters (Chapter 2 in your text – this overlaps with your revision for section B below).

–       The Underground Railroad (p14&15 textbook)

Section B: The Life of A Slave: overview

–         Look carefully at the two sources.

–         Answer each of the four questions fully

–         The total marks for this section is 25.


Hints when responding to the four questions:

Remember to spend more time on the questions worth most marks!

Spend no less than 15minutes and no more than 17 minutes on this section.

Please remember to refer explicitly to each source (e.g. use direct quotation from each source).

 Specific revision:

–         Use pages 10 – 15 in your text to revise how slaves were treated on the plantations at on the auction block.

–         Think about the treatment of slaves and remember that they were not all treated the same way.

–         Thinks about why slavery was wrong and revise some specific reasons and examples. E.g.

  • The buying & selling of slaves
  • Inspections of slaves
  • The Slave-master
  • Fear and humiliation for slaves        

 Section C: Civil War to Civil Rights: Overview

–         Answer one question from a choice of three.

–         This section is worth a total of 25 marks.

Hints when responding to this question:

Answer in clear paragraphs

Use the bullet points provided as prompts, but make sure you answer the question being asked!

 You must spend no less than 15 minutes on this question

You should revise ONE of the three sections listed below thoroughly. You will only have to answer ONE of three sections below in your test.

Specific revision:

  • Revise how Slavery came to an end from pp16-19 in your text.

You should include the following in your revision.

–         British slave trade and prominent individuals.

–         Black freedom fighters.

–         The role played by Blacks during the Civil War.

–         John Brown

–         Abraham Lincoln

–         Differences between North & South

–         Any other relevant point


  • Revise what happened to Blacks after the Civil War and ask yourself how free they really were? (text pp20-23)

You should include the following in your revision.

–         Reconstruction

–         Black Codes

–         Ku Klux Klan

–         Jim Crow laws and segregation

–         Plessy vs Ferguson Supreme Court case 1896

–         Lynchings

–         Differences between north & south

–         Any other relevant point


  • Revise how the Civil Rights movement was born from pp23-31 in your text.

      You should include the following in your revision.


         World War Two

         Black success stories


         The Supreme Court

         Return of the Ku Klux Klan

         Emmet Till

         Rosa Parks

         Martin Luther King

         Any other relevant point