Year 10 Revision List – Summer

 Equipment needed: pen, pencil, ruler, colouring pencils

 1.    Electronics

Produce study notes in a table format for all the components listed:

Battery, Push to make switch, toggle switch, resistor, resistor colour code, variable resistor, light dependent resistor, thyristor, transistor, buzzer, bulb, light emitting diode.

Name Picture Symbol Description
 Battery      A battery is used to provide power/voltage in a circuit.
Push to make Switch      
Toggle Switch      

 Be able to draw and explain the circuit diagram for the night light.

  2.    Design question/Design process

You will be asked to draw a three dimensional picture of an object. You must make sure you pay attention to the dimensions and materials of the object and reflect these in your drawing.

 3.    Mechanisms

Produce study notes with diagrams on:-

Types of motion:- Linear, Reciprocating, Rotary & Oscillating

Levers:- 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class levers, be able to draw diagrams and give examples

Linkages: – Diagrams & examples;

Cams & Crank Sliders:- Diagrams & examples

4.    Safety in the workshop

Make study notes on the correct dress and behaviour needed in the T&D workshop.

 5.    Tools & Equipment

Produce study notes in a table format for all the tools & equipment listed:

Hegner Saw, Band Facer, Pillar Drill, hot wire strip heater, vacuum former, try square, hammer, panel pins, sand paper, wet and dry paper, etc.

Name Picture Safety Rules Description

 6.    Materials

Produce mind maps using Plastic & Wood as your main themes.

The individual branches should reflect detail about the materials. Make sure you know the difference between the different types of materials and be able to list examples of each type.