Yr 8 RE Summer Revision List

Topic 1: Holy Land

You should:

  • know 3 regions
  • be able to spell the names of the main towns, seas, city, river etc)
  • be also able to label these towns, seas etc on a map
  • Know other names for Holy Land


Topic 2: Judaism

You should:

  • Be able to label important artefacts in the synagogue
  • Explain what each artefact signifies/means
  • Know when the Jewish Sabbath is and how Jesus would have prepared for and celebrated the Holy day.

Topic 3: Jesus’ Ministry

You should:

  • Know who announced the coming of Jesus and how he did this
  • Be able to retell the Baptism of Jesus
  • Be able to retell the call of the first four disciples
  • Be able to retell the call of Matthew
  • Understand the significance of the call of the fishermen and Matthew for Christians.
  • Know qualities that were necessary for discipleship


Year 9 Summer Examination Revision List


Topic 1 – An overview of Catholicism

  • The structure of the Church 
  • The four Ecclesiastical Provinces
  • Leadership in the Church – the three orders of ordained ministry
  • The 7 Sacraments
  • The celebration of the Mass (Liturgy of the Words & Liturgy of the Eucharist)

Topic 2 – Ecumenism

  • What is Ecumenism?
  • The meaning of the word
  • How might you show respect and promote Christian unity?

Topic 3 – Morality

  • The Ten Commandments
  • Covenant
  • Conscience
  • The Garden of Eden Story ( Genesis 2:4-3:24)
  • Sin – the two main types: Moral sin and venial sin
  • The three factors which determine how serious a sin is: action, intention and circumstances
  • Values

Topic 4 – Judaism

  • The History background and key figures – Abraham and Moses
  • Summary of the main Jewish beliefs
  • The name for God in the Jewish Scripture – Yahweh (Adonai)
  • Key terms: monotheistic, mezuzah, synagogue, menorah, the Torah
  • What happens on the Sabbath
  • The two branches of Judaism today: Orthodox and Reform Jews
  • Special clothing for prayer: tefillin, prayer shawl, kippah
  • The Jewish calendar, with special reference to the spring festival of Passover or Pesach
  • Kosher and Terefah food
  • Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah




Year 10 Revision list for June Examination.



Topic One – Authority.


The Writing of the gospel

  • traditional view of Mark writing in Rome
  • sources behind Mark’s gospel
  • reasons why his gospel was written
  • significance of the term ‘gospel’ as good news
  • Mark’s gospel as ‘good news’ for persecuted Christians and for Christians today
  • The relevance of mark’s gospel for Christians today
  • Introducing the gospel 1:1
  • The calming of the storm 4:35-41

Topic two – Jesus’ Ministry

  • Different groups within Judaism at the time of Jesus
  • The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus – 1:9-13 – story, meaning and symbolism
  • Caesarea Phillippi – 8:27-33 – story, meaning, symbolism and watershed
  • The Transfiguration – 9: 2-8 – story, meaning and symbolism