Congratulations to our four pupils, Olivia Mullan (Year 8), Cara McCanny (Year 9), Emma Norris ( Year 9) and Ryan Flynn (Year 10) who took part in the 1st International House Spanish Competition.

The pupils participated in an activity based on the topic of Family and Relationships in which  their communication skills in Spanish were assessed.  The pupils worked hard to prepare for this with Mrs McKendry at lunchtimes in the Aquinas Spanish Society.

All four pupils performed excellently and really got into the spirit of event, trying to say as much as they could in Spanish while they were being judged on their communication.

Emma Norris won overall best performance in the competition and has won a residential place at the International House Spanish Summer School at Rockport in July.

Ryan Flynn won best performance in his group and has been awarded a place at the summer school also.

Following this positive experience, Cara McCanny will join them at the summer school.

Olivia Mullan was highly commended as being the only Year 8 pupil in the competition.

Marta González, Head of Modern Languages at the International House Belfast and Dr Ana Kerr from the BELB came to Aquinas to present the pupils with their prizes.