On May Day,  Monday 2nd May, 2011, 24 Aquinas pupils, in five relay teams,  took part in the 30th Annual Belfast City Marathon.  Those involved trained hard twice a week after school for three months, showing real dedication and determination.  Their efforts really paid off on the day with a fantastic performance, one of the five teams coming in at an impressive 99th place out of 2282 teams, with a time of 3:30:50.

These teams were not put together exclusively for runners and athletes, but rather for those people who wanted to challenge themselves by trying something new and to be a part of a fantastic team no matter what their ability.  Every team member ran their own race and they should be as proud of themselves as we are of them!

Well done!

Mr. Anderson & Miss Kane

Aquinas running team

Year 14 Dermot Brennan

James Cormican

Chris Connolly

Peter Leggett

Aine Leggett

Cormac Mee

Year 13 Stephen Doherty

Conor McCrory

Moya McQuillan

Katie Campbell

Claire McKeogh

Jude Moreland

Ben Scullion

Alice McConville

Peter McKenna

Rachel Goldsmith

Shane Kidney

Joseph Morrison

James Norney

Naomh Gibson

Michael Doran

Year 12 Peter Brennan

Eddie Bergin

Greg Woods