Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School is a Catholic school community within which both staff and pupils work in the pursuit of all aspects of spiritual, educational and personal excellence.

To achieve this we have the following aims:

1. To promote the spiritual welfare of every member of the school community.

2. To foster to the highest possible degree the academic development of each pupil.

3. To establish a creative and secure educational partnership between the school, the parents and the wider community.

4. To provide a Pastoral Care System to meet the needs of all pupils throughout their school career.

5. To seek to promote a sense of continuity, coherence and achievement in each pupil’s educational experience.

6. To develop attitudes and opportunities through which our pupils may become responsible members of society.

7. To prepare our pupils for a rapidly changing adult world of work, leisure and responsibility.

8. To foster within the school community respect for the personal and intellectual integrity of each and every individual.