Year 8

English Yr8 DT2

French Yr 8 DT2

History Yr 8 DT2

Home Economics Yr 8 DT2

Irish Yr 8 DT2

Maths Year 8 DT2

Science Yr 8 DT2

Spanish Yr 8 DT2


Year 9

English Yr9 DT2

French Yr 9 DT2

 History Yr 9 DT2

Home Economics Yr 9 DT2

Irish Yr 9 DT2

 Maths Year 9 DT2

Science Yr 9 DT2

Spanish Yr 9 DT2


Year 10

English Yr 10 DT2

Geography Yr 10 DT2

History Yr 10 DT2

Home Economics Yr 10 DT2

 Irish Yr 10 DT2

Maths Year 10DT2

Religion Yr 10 DT2

Science Yr 10 DT2

Year 11

Chemistry Yr 11 DT2

Digital Technology Yr 11 DT2

English: Pratice essay(Structure)-Slim Prose success criteria Revised Prose questions-Y11 RevisionCharacterThemesStyleOf Mice and Men

French Yr 11 DT2

Home Economics Yr 11 DT2

 Irish Yr 11 DT2

Accelerated Maths Year 11 DT2

Maths Year 11 DT2

Religion Yr 11 DT2


Year 12

Chemistry Yr 12 DT2

Digital Technology Yr 12 DT2

English:Yr 12 Unit 4, Section A Personal and Creative Writing Creative writing notes Creative writing workbook

Irish Yr 12 DT2

Further Maths Yr 12 DT2

Maths Year 12 DT2

Religion Yr 12 DT2

Year 13

Digital technology Yr 13 DT2

English Yr13 DT2   Essay advice Christmas revision


Year 14

Digital technology Yr 14 DT2

English: Methods in The Wife of Bath Methods Wife of Bath- Additional The Wife of Bath-revise The Wife of Bath-theme marriage

Home Economics Yr 14 DT2